Our Mission

To construct community spaces through the principles of philosophy and design.

Reminding humanity of its Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.


Community: building identity

By creating community spaces and socialization, we help people realize the desires of their own heart and their ability to take the steps needed to bestow on the world the gifts within them in an individualistic way. In community, man experiences the eb-and-flow of giving and receiving. In the midst of this giving and receiving, isolation is eradicated by identity found in community.



Self-Awareness: converting to truth

A person uses their mind to say, “That is true!” or, “That is false!” We do this through the course of our lives to organize the knowledge we obtain through experiences. One of the first truths we learn is of our own existence. From understanding ourselves, we continue through life separating what’s true from what’s false, and finding a wholeness within the truth. Therefore, an environment which provokes and exposes that which is true is important for the continual development of the human person.


Healing Through Design:

It is the will of man which looks to things and declares, “This is good!” or “This is bad.” We all desire good things for ourselves and others. Goodness brings an element of joy and peace which comforts man. It is the goodness of people or things which makes life desirable to live. However, suffering is unavoidable in a broken world. Wounds are inevitable. Therefore, the importance of being placed in a good space is clear. Intentional design can result in that which is beautiful, true, and good for the human person. It is when one can encounter goodness and attain emotional and physical healing that his will can declare the goodness of it.

Our mission at Scio is to remind humanity of its beauty, truth, and goodness so to bring man into the reality of self-actualization. Philosopher Peter Kreeft states, “These are the only three things that we will never get bored with [beauty, truth, goodness]…three transcendental or absolutely universal properties of all reality.”