Healing Equals Sight

Have you ever considered the effort it takes to heal?

It isn’t easy.

First, you have to place yourself in a safe space or the presence of a person that feels welcoming and comfortable. Then you have to let that place or person impact you when you may have never willingly let anything or anyone impact you before. 

The darkest, most confusing places of your heart must be exposed. The hardest part may not be exposing the wound, what is already known by you, but showing what you have not fully grasped yet. 

Why would anyone purposefully unveil something they day-in and day-out work to hide? Isn’t life easier when fear and disorder remain hidden? 

“What returns to haunt the victim…is not the reality of the violent event but also the reality of the way that its violence has not yet been fully known.” (p.6) 

As this quote suggests, a traumatic event is not lived once, but is carried out in the reliving of it from the wounds it has caused. The only way to free yourself from suffering a traumatic occurrence is to heal rather than hide the wound. 

To do this, you have to face it in the right setting and environment. With the right resources and support, you can attain that part of yourself you did not dare to see before. 

With this part exposed, you can face the reality of your human experience, heal, and begin to move forward. But first, you must be willing to make the effort to step out of where you are at, to be in a place you could be. 

Healing causes clear sight. Seeing well allows you to live well.