Do What You Love

Hello again!

What a pleasure it is to write to you. 

I thought it fitting that I should share with you my newest pursuits. Due to the motivational book, F*ck it, Do What You Love written by John Parkin, I have realized there are several things that I have always dearly loved, but have never acted on because of the  growing list of "now is not the right time becuase....." 

I decided I needed to change that. As a result, I have committed to this blog space, to help you do the same. You see, doing what you love, is not as scary as it may seem, but baby steps to a happier you. You are capable of choosing the things you love, and there is nothing wrong with that. I would even argue that it is healthy for you!

Be sure then, to join me on this journey of doing what I love, as I travel, do volunteer work, rest with a book, design spaces for better human health, and communicate with you. 

I look forward to this time of growth. I can help you do the same.