Mission - Joyfully Serving and being Served

I just realized that I will be leaving on my fourth mission trip in just a few weeks. This time, it is Puerto Rico.  

I have traveled on mission to Brazil, Dominican Republic, Alaska, and I can confidently tell you that each are unique in their own way.  

The first time that I traveled on mission, my thoughts were in regards to how much I will serve the people I meet. While this is true, mission is about falling in love, with a culture, in relationships with others. Many say that you cannot love very well until you learn how to love yourself. If you are aching for that love to be shown to you, I highly encourage mission.  

On mission one becomes loved for their presence, their very existence. In this way, I began to recognize my own value and worth, and was able to joyfully serve in being served.   

When mission becomes a part of your life, you are giving to others your time, and they are giving to your their love. I don’t think there is much in this world more beautiful than that.  

I will be sure to post pictures under my social media platform to keep you updated. 

Talk to you soon!